Navigating mental health in Academia-Related Immigration
(June 2023)

Title: Navigating mental health issues in Academia-Related Immigration

Speaker: Wendy Ingram – Dragonfly Mental health

Host: Tom Mason (Global ERG) and Erin Scharfstein (All Access ERG)

Date and time: Thursday June 29th, 2023 – 11am–12pm

Location:  Online ; Live streaming on 

Description: Immigration is defined as the action of coming to live permanently in a foreign country, a course many academics take during the course of their careers. Utilizing peer reviewed publications, as well as the experiences of Dragonfly Mental Health volunteers, this talk was developed by immigrants for immigrants and is an excellent opportunity for the people in immigrants' lives to gain a better understanding of the difficulties they face in academia. "Mental Health and Academia-Related Immigration" is a 60-minute seminar and facilitated discussion which aims to promote greater understanding and compassion of the unique challenges immigrants face, and provide context and solutions for bot immigrants and the people in their lives.

About the speaker:  Wendy Ingram the Co-Founder and CEO of Dragonfly Mental Health, a nonprofit dedicated to cultivating excellent mental health among academics worldwide. She is also a research scientist at Geisinger Health working on biomedical informatics projects aimed at improving healthcare outcomes following surgery and better understanding patient response to electroconvulsive therapy (ECT).  Dr. Ingram serve as the Chair of the American Medical Informatics Association Mental Health Informatics Working Group, and enjoy consulting for biomedical technology companies that focus on using technology to advance mental health care. 

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Presentation material and slides

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Navigating mental health issues in Academia-Related Immigration - Dr. Wendy Ingram, Dragonfly Mental Health (LBNL All-Access+Global ERG, June 2023).mp4