Leo Violini
(April 2024)

Title: Science diplomacy 

Speaker: Leo Violini

Host: Antoine Islegen-Wojdyla

Date and time: Tuesday April 9th, 2024 – 2pm

Location:  B50-Auditorium
zoom link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HJvENsSsSNsuKc67glm1wixOrQcAvvORlMPNbN9YEVs/edit?usp=sharing

Description: The differences between the paradigms of Science diplomacy and traditional diplomacy are discussed. Some concrete science- based proposals, of the past and perhaps possible in the future, aiming to favor peace and establish an equitable relation will be presented and discussed.

Big science in Latin America: accelerate particles and progress – Nature (March 2024)

About Leo Violini: Galileo Violini is a theoretical physicist and  the director emeritus of the Centro Internacional de Física in Bogota, Colombia. He is the recipient of the 2024 Joseph A. Burton Forum Award for "For establishing programs in physics education and research in Latin America and the Caribbean that increased regional scientific capacity, for promoting international scientific cooperation across continents and regions of the world, and for creating the Centro Internacional de Física in Colombia." Violini graduated from La Sapienza University in Rome.

Recording of the event