Getting to Berkeley Lab

Directions to Berkeley Lab

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory is a federal laboratory, where on basic, non-classified research is carried out. However, access is restricted to employees (who have a badge), and people with a visitor access.

Visitor pass

Ask you host to fill out a visitor access form, at least two days in advance (otherwise, call site access directly, at x4551). The visitor can access the lab either using the shuttle (they need to be emailed a shuttle pass, through the form) or by car (they need to be emailed a parking permit.) Group over ten people need additional forms.

Parking on the hill after 9am can be quite difficult, and it recommended to take the shuttle if you come from the East Bay. 


Before anything, make sure you are not mistaking Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory for the  Lawrence Hall of Science, or Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory -- this is a frequent mistake, and while they share the name of Ernest Orlando Lawrence in common, they all are distinct places at distinct locations. Also, while the lab is managed by the University of California, it is independent from UC Berkeley.

The address of the lab is (google map):

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

1 Cyclotron Road

Berkeley, CA 94710

Getting to the lab by car

The lab has three entrance : Blackberry gate, Strawberry gate and Grizzly gate.

General public access is through the Blackberry gate, which is at the end of Cyclotron road, itself the continuation of Hearst Avenue in Berkeley.

Once at the lab, GPS directions will not work to find specific building. You should refer to the map of the lab to know where you are going. Be careful, the numbering of the building doesn't follow any obvious logic, as if to challenge your cognitive abilities (here's an interactive map, for quick look-up)

Main auditorium (Aud50, Aud66, Pers Hall) and main user facilities (ALS, Molecular Foundry, NERSC) are indicated on the map.

Getting to lab through public transportation (lab shuttle)

There are two main shuttle line (main route:blue, alternative route: orange; free, 8am-7pm) that run every ten minutes. Best place to get in the shuttle is on Eastern Shattuck, between Center and Addison (map) or on Oxford street at University (map). The driver should be able to help you with your building.