International Day of Light: Illuminate


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Title: International Day of Light: Illuminate

Speaker: Ben Davis

Date and time: Monday, May 16th, 2022 – 4pm (PST)

Location: Berkeley Lab Building 50 auditorium. link to virtual event (open to Berkeley Lab employees only) or

Description: Have you noticed the Bay Bridge lights at night? Strange arts installation in San Francisco? These are all works initiated by Illuminate ( The founder of the collective Ben Davis will present their work and ongoing projects to bring light everywhere – Fiat Lux!

About the speaker: Ben Davis is helplessly drawn to the flame of public art, upending his career and life to pursue bold, light-filled visions, with a growing body of large-scale works across San Francisco. Ben founded and runs the art nonprofit Illuminate whose mission is to rally large groups of people together to create impossible works of public art that, through awe, free humanity's better nature. Ben's quest is to transform San Francisco through light (and enlightenment) so that it is known internationally as the City of Awe. (illuminate bio)