Groove lounge
at the ALS
(June 2023)

Title: Groove Lounge at the ALS

Date and time: Thursday, June 29th, 2023

Location: B2 – ALS patio; online: zoom

Hosts: Miles Green, ASPIRES, ALS (Antoine Wojdyla, Dula Parkinson)

Description:  The Groove Lounge joins forces with ALS Cookie Time to welcome summer interns. Get ready for a groovy experience like no other! This hybrid event will be in-person at the ALS patio and on zoom. Spread the word, mark your calendars, and bring your friends. Let's unite cookie lovers and music aficionados for an unforgettable celebration at ALS Patio. Get ready to groove! Add to your calendar

Groove Lounge at the Advanced Light Soure
(credit Marilyn Sargent)

Groove Lounge at ALS b-roll Copy 01.mp4